We have partnered with Bifties, a Black-owned gift boxing service, to bring you a luxury literary gift box for the book lovers in your life (or you 👀). All products featured are from Black woman owned businesses.

First, let’s get into the presentation! It’s the packaging for us!! Isn’t this gorgeous??!!! 😍😍😍

Next, let’s get into this bookmark brought to you by Seasonal Pages. This isn’t an ordinary bookmark, it’s a woodmark! It’s made of wood, ladies, gentlemen, and my non-binary people!! Pretty and durable 💁🏾‍♀️! Step your bookmark game up!!!


Now, let’s move on to that beautifully gift wrapped box. That’s our literary trivia game here to entertain the people! Include it in your game night, use it as a TBR deck (to-be-read if you’re not hip to the book lingo), or as inspiration for writing prompts.


 Now it’s time to set the mood and remove the stank in the room with a candle from A Scent Story. Fill the air with the smell of Honey Dew Melon & Cantaloupe with warm vanilla woods. Don’t suffer in stank sis! You deserve better!


Last but not least, here comes the fashions with a pouch from Blk&Bkish! Now you could stuff some pencils in it and call it a day but we will be wearing ours as a clutch. If you ain’t got style, just say that 🤷🏾‍♀️. Can’t wait to pair this with the best outfit we can find from Fashion Nova to get all the likes on IG.


Get all of these products in one box (pay shipping once) today at https://bifties.com/collections/curated-gift-box/products/literary-gift-box

This is a special edition box so we don’t want to hear no complaints when they sell out!! Get yours now!! @book_girl_magic has hers!!


Photo Credit: @book_girl_magic